Choosing a Habitable, Cozy Birdhouse

If you are not familiar with birdhouses and don’t know how to choose one, just keep reading. A birdhouse is a safe haven for your little-feathered friends. Not only they are beautiful to look at, but they also attract birds to inhabit your garden so you can have fresh birdsongs every morning.

Birdhouses Need Not to Be Expensive

Expensive doesn’t mean the best and effective all the time. You may choose affordable birdhouses with the right features without spending a lot. Plus, your garden might need some renovation, at least you still have some stash to do the project. There are birdhouses online shop giving out offers & coupons on your first purchase. They are offering a handful of designs you could choose from.

Protect Your Feathered Visitors from Extreme Temperatures

Winters and summers are the most difficult seasons for birds. They need to migrate from one place to another so they can survive the extreme temperature,  though there are some who rather stay. Choose birdhouses made of cedar woods. They are good insulators and regulator of temperature.

Birds want to Stay Dry

Birds love to stay dry. Too much water may cause their feathers to be heavy when wet. As a bird lover, you may want to provide them with a simple solution by buying waterproof birdhouses. If you have old birdhouses which had seen better days, you can purchase waterproofing materials from online shops like lazada and zalora. You can also buy toxic-free dyes and stickers to make your existing birdhouses looking their best.

Give Them The Perfect Entrance

Small feathered birds like the idea of thriving to enter a small hole. We’ve been trying to figure out why but that’s how they are. When choosing a bird house, choose designs with detachable poplar. This way you can change the size of the hole entrance if you want to accommodate birds with bigger or smaller sizes.

Tree-textured Interior

The last but not the least, the interiors of the birdhouse need to be rough, mimicking the texture of a tree’s skin. If the birdhouse you’ve meaning to buy has all these characteristics, then you found the perfect one.


  1. I leave many birdhouses all over our farm. Many birds that cannot make their own birdhouses have used these birdhouses and have helped them survive the cold winters.

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